Special Grammar School – as most of ECDE schools – is a 3-year, unpaid public school providing education based on the new teaching curriculum. It admits both, healthy and physically disabled pupils.

Special Grammar School offers dedicated curriculum for small groups (up to twenty pupils), extended course in English and history, two foreign languages – English and German (both supported by volunteers from Germany as part of the „Youth in Action” EU Programme.  In addition to this, pupils can benefit from free additional (consultations on individual subjects, sports classes, music classes and a choir) and special (meetings with a psychologist, teacher, speech therapist) classes. Our pupils can count on assistance of volunteers from Poland and abroad in their studying. Pupils who get ready for their Matura (GSCE) exam can make use of additional consultations. Graduates are entitled to submit their Matura examination applications. After passing their exams they receive general certificate of secondary education awarded by the District Examination Board.

Our pupils can benefit from a well-stocked library (about 20 thousand volumes), modern computer lab, well-equipped rooms for exercises and motor rehabilitation and the school canteen.

They take part in international exchange programmes for young people, e.g. Fair Life (in Krzyżowa and Berlin).

Pupils who come from outside Wrocław can get accommodation in our modernized boarding house located within the grounds of ECDE. Schools and other buildings located on the grounds of ECDE meet the needs of persons with motor disabilities (lifts and ramps). The entire complex is located in a beautiful park.


Our school is an active member of the Wrocław Network of Health-Friendly Schools.

The Grammar School enrolment procedure includes:

  • Lower Secondary School graduation certificate,
  • opinion on the need for special education and opinion issued by a Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre – in case of persons with special educational needs,
  • set of documents (defined in detail in enrolment procedure),
  • interview.