Vocational technical secondary school of Economics

Vocational Upper Secondary School for Business Studies with 4-year tuition period was established in 2002 at the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of the Disabled (currently the Martin Luther Evangelical Centre for Diaconia and Education) by transformation of Secondary School of Economics. The school admits pupils with motor disabilities from all over the country who have opinion on the need for special education.

The school continues education received in lower secondary school and since the school year 2012/2013 its teaching is based on original modular curriculum (TE/PZ/1/2012/13) designed for the profession of economic technician (331403).

Teaching curriculum consists of individual teaching modules:

  • Operating in the market.
  • Practical application of the law.
  • Resource management.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Accounting.
  • Office work.
  • Running a business in English.
  • Use of financial-accounting software in business.
  • Employee’s professional responsibilities.


Pupils have to graduate from the school and pass their internal examinations on the following qualifications to be awarded with the title of economic technician:

A.35. Planning and operation of a business in organization and

A.36. Accounting

Graduates can sit for Matura examination and continue their education at universities.

Pupils of the second and third form have to complete obligatorily professional training in an enterprise or institution of their choice, (e.g. Social Insurance Office, Tax Office, a bank or individual business).

Classes are taught in classrooms equipped with audiovisual equipment with access to the Internet, including economics lab with specialist HR and payroll, stock and financial and accounting software that facilitates bookkeeping in organizational units.

Pupils learn in small groups which enhances individual teaching approach to both, talented pupils and pupils with learning difficulties. Foreign languages include English and German as well as additional vocational English classes.

In the school year 2005/2006 graduates of the Vocational Upper Secondary School for Business Studies had opportunity to sit for external examination of the District Examination Board and passed the exam with 100% result to be awarded with the title of economic technician.  
In the following years examination results of our pupils were always above both, national and provincial (Lower Silesian) average.

Our pupils can benefit from a well-stocked library (about 20 thousand volumes), modern computer lab, well-equipped rooms for exercises and motor rehabilitation and the school canteen.

They take part in international exchange programmes for young people, e.g. Fair Life (in Krzyżowa and Berlin).

Pupils who come from outside Wrocław can get accommodation in our modernized boarding house located within the grounds of ECDE. Schools and other buildings located on the grounds of ECDE meet the needs of persons with motor disabilities (lifts and ramps). The entire complex is located in a beautiful park.

Pupils of the Vocational Upper Secondary School for Business Studies can be proud of their significant sports success. Our school is an active member of the Wrocław Network of Health-Friendly Schools. It was one of four schools in Wrocław to be awarded with honourable “The School of Enterprise” Quality Certificate in 2008.

Our enrolment criteria are:

  • Lower Secondary School graduation certificate,
  • opinion on the need for special education and opinion issued by a Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre,
  • set of documents (defined in detail in enrolment procedure),
  • interview.

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